Buying a new home can be a tedious process. You would have to find the right location in Fremantle, right price and most importantly the right house for you to live in. There are homes that are just newly built, which can be expensive, or homes that have been used and are put up for sale. In both cases it would be a mistake for you to not do a pre purchase building inspection. The amount of money you are investing to buying a new home means that any problems that would occur after buying it would make it worthless. So order your building inspection as soon as you can and here it what it can do for you.

Knowing the Repair Costs

Let’s say you found the home you want and even though you know there are a few problems to fix you are willing to go through with it. Knowing how much the repairs are going to be would be helpful. Getting an expert to come beforehand to review your potential new home will allow them to estimate how much these repairs are going to cost. Knowing the cost can help you budget for repairs.


A lot of houses are built are then left in that natural environment till someone comes along and scoops it up. During that time your potential home is exposed to other elements like rain, snow, sunshine or even insects and animals. These elements can be harmful if the home is not periodically maintained. Rain or water for example can seep into these walls and weaken the structure of the home. Doing a building inspection fremantle would find out problems like this and can help avoid you from buying a home that could potentially collapse as a results of its weak structure.  They can even see if your home is not violating any building codes.

Fire Hazards

Last thing you want is faulty electrical wiring. Since any home requires electricity for it to function and to keep the occupants comfortable you would want to make sure the wiring is fine as it could start a fire in the house. The other thing you can find out with these inspections are the areas of the home that are deemed unsafe like finding out things like asbestos or mould which can be harmful to the occupants.

Inspecting other Structures

These inspections are not limited to your home alone but to other things on the property as well. They could evaluate the garage or patio for example to make sure they are safe and up to building code regulations. If they are not you could try to remove them and drive down the asking price of the property based on safety reasons.

This last step can help determine whether it is worthy buying a home. If you are willing to take on the repairs then you would know exactly how much you can pay. You also ensure that you and others who are moving in are safe.