Basements, from the past have been a unique method used by many in storing or curing products from meats to exquisite wines. The feature in the modern world is not limited to businesses and is considered a requirement for those who enjoy a glass at that uniquely perfect temperature. Curing or aging various blends are completed with regulating of temperature and humidity among many other factors at desired levels with DIY type and custom built cooling units being widely available in most regions of the world.

Controlling the climate being the standard feature required for wine cellar cooling systems, the key component in providing the desired outcome is considered the refrigeration unit. Generally maintained between 10 0 C to 12 0 C for wines, variation in the regulated temperature is dependent on the brand or product desired to be stored. With temperatures varying drastically in modern times the need for temperature controlled spaces is considered highly important in protecting beverages that require optimal conditions for maturing and curbing deterioration.

  • Size – In deciding on the size of the refrigeration unit required, it is initially required to understand the area of the cellar structure. Considering the volume wished to be stored is required to avoid overstocking and pushing regulation of temperature above the optimum levels advised.
  • Features – Refrigeration units are categorized as self contained and split systems with ducted or non ducted avenues being used for installation. Within the system consisting of evaporators and condensers, noise generation is a common issue and installation is completed away remotely in a ducted setting where cool air is blown in and heat is exhausted. Single ducted or split ducting being a common choice to many are recommended by professional manufacturers and service providers in making the most of the money being spent.

Features are relatively bound to price, and with advanced models being available with electronic controls, digital displays and remote controlling features, ensuring that the setting is properly insulated is also an area attention is required. Whilst regulating temperature & humidity being key control features understanding that all units are capable of performing the required task is also to be noted with variation depending generally on sizing.

If the task is considered a challenge, professional brands manufacturing and installing cooling units or installation and maintenance service providers are widely available within the global market and also an avenue to explore in order to understand the wide range available. Most reputed brands and organizations are listed online, with queries being responded to almost instantly in ensuring the personal care required in creating either a custom wine cellar or queries to refrigeration options are attended to in the most satisfactory manner.