Interior decorating can be a very tricky field. If you don’t tackle the concept properly there is a high probability of your living room turning into a living hell. However, this does not necessarily mean that decorating your living room is hard or impossible. All you got to do is research, do your homework properly, seek the guidance of pros and read some articles. Fortunately, this article is one such resource that can give you certain tips and tricks that you might find very clever.


Decorating your living room doesn’t seek the attention of your bank. In fact, you can use simple and easy-to-find items like wood to turn your living room space into something gorgeous. Adding wood will give the space the natural look it deserves. You can either have a wooden floor, a wooden wall or just a few simple wooden materials like a wooden coffee table or a wooden centre piece. Do keep in mind that if you were to opt for wooden walls you might need a strong lighting like track lights Singapore or so. However, make sure you don’t overdo the wooden element. Keep it simple and just a touch of wood will do.

Pillow talk

Pillows or the cushions you use in your living room space can bring a great title if you use it properly. Now, these little decor items are used to add color and texture to this specific area. Make sure you select the right ones. There might be vibrant colors, materials and patterns but trying to add too much glam with something like sequined pillows might not be a great idea.

Light it up

Literally, light the place up with the right set of lights. The proper lighting can improve the room’s functionality, brighten the place up, make a small living room look massive and so on. However, if you are not a big fan of artificial lighting you can opt for the good old natural ones through long and large windows with transparent curtains.


Whether you have a collection of artifacts collected through your numerous journeys or some pieces that you have bought from different stores, putting it on display can make a great statement. The art and pottery collection of a homeowner highlights his/her personality and will make the space look more welcoming and creative. These simple tips will go a long way if used properly. Decorating your living room might not be the hardest job but it does require attention, research and style.