It’s one thing to set up a surprise when she arrives home but surprising her at work will show others how passionate you are about her and will make her colleagues drool with jealousy. A girl usually likes showing off her loving husband or boyfriend, but some may not. You first need to find out if she likes it or not. Directly asking her if you can drop in at her workplace will kill the fun so you need to subtly drop a hint. Tell about a time your friend surprised his girlfriend in office and ask her how she feels. If she seems embarrassed, it’s probably not a good idea. No matter what, here is what you can do to surprise her.

  1. Love notes

If you don’t feel like showing up at her office with a bunch of hydrangea Singapore and a box of chocolates, then you can send her sweet texts or emails throughout the day. It doesn’t have to be cheesy, just a ‘have a great day’ would suffice. To add a better touch to it, drop hand written notes to her bag or stick them on her laptop. Write sweet compliments about her eyes or smile, tell her you love her and appreciate her for what she does, that you are lucky to have her etc. When she opens up her make up kit or pouch or lunch bag, it will put a subtle smile on her face.

  • Low-key lunch

An unplanned simple lunch might have a bigger impact than a formal dinner at the fine-dine Italian restaurant. You can simply drop her a message and ask her to join you for lunch outside work. Head down to her favourite deli, pizza place or food truck and enjoy the simplicity of it. You can even prepare a lunch basket and take her out on a picnic to the nearest park. She would love spending an hour with you, under the trees, on a blanket, eating away the salads and sandwiches you made, and laughing as much as your heart wants.

  • Deliver it

She would of course feel special when a delivery guy walks in with a huge bundle of balloons, a bouquet and maybe those custom earrings she wanted. It might not even be her birthday or Valentine’s Day or your anniversary; just a random surprise you thought of to make sure she knows she is valued. Her colleagues will gather around, wanting to see what was brought and everyone will compliment you, telling her how lucky she is to have you.