A newly built home looks wonderful, peaceful, exciting and brings you new hope. That is why many homeowners tend to dive into decorating the interior as soon as possible. DON’T! Before you dive in make sure you do some research, plan on how you are going to decorate it, visit few shops and stores to compare prices of the elements you want to add and also, make sure you pick the best that last for a long time. Don’t let your overwhelm put all the things together. After all, you don’t want to regret anything later. Living room may be the first space that many try to decorate. That is why we are here to guide you. Here’s a simple guiding article to help you with your decorating phase.


You might have already selected the pieces that you want to put in as furniture. But, the biggest issue that many people face is how to arrange these pieces. Avoid pushing the sofas against the wall, lining the chairs and all that. When arranging furniture you need to plan. Think about the manner in which the people in the room will converse, you need to provide space for that. Avoid cramming the place with too big or too many furniture. Make sure you allocate enough free space to move. Also, try to opt for durable and comfortable pieces that looks A-class.


 The walls of your living room space doesn’t necessarily have to be all white or all gray. In fact, you can opt for pastel colors or a single vivid but not too bright color for one side to bring in that creative element. Another fun way to liven the living room is to add in a centre piece to the wall. Perhaps a painting from abstract oil painting sale singapore or a collection of souvenirs or so. If you don’t like that idea you can alway add some tiny elements like a hanging plant, a vase, an ornament in a subtle, corner manner.


The best way to bring light to the living room space is to add tall and broad windows with a thin/transparent fabric curtains. If you do not have such a lighting you can always add a nice but simple chandelier or something less extravagant like a normal, ceiling fixed light. Make sure you don’t overdo it though. The living room light much be bright enough to see one another but not so bright enough to blind everyone.

Decorating your living room space might not be an easy task but it is definitely fun. With the right amount of research, guidance and planning it will be a brilliant space.