A new home could be your dreams come true. You might have found the best home in the most convenient neighbourhood and are all smiles to finally move in. However, you might forget a few things in the midst of all the rush in moving. So here a few vital things you need to take care of as you step in to your new home.

  1. Change the locks

Most people hardly think of this but have you ever thought how many people must have had the key to your house? The previous owners, the real estate agent, any guys who did repairs at your house etc. may have had access to your home before you did. Hence, it is vital to change all external locks in your home. Check every window too for any broken latches. Next, you can install a high-tech security system. No matter how safe your neighbourhood is, a security system will always come in handy. The system will have surveillance cameras set, sensor lights and security alarms on all doors and windows. Your home should be a safe haven.

  • Pest control

If your home had been locked up for some time before you moved in, there is a high probability of your home being infested by rats, mice, cockroaches and other rodents. Rodents are a carrier of disease, not forgetting how they gnaw through plastic, wood and rubber and destroy all your floors, doors, windows, electrical equipment etc. Hence before you move in, call critter control of rats and mice and give your home a solid clean up. Then you can safely move in. It is also your responsibility to maintain you home in a way that more rodents do not enter the house. Seal all entry points to your house; any hole that a pencil can fit can surely fit rodents, avoid poor sanitation; always keep your table tops clean, garbage put out and never take food to your rooms.

  • Pack a first night box

Often when moving, you will pack all your stuff in different boxes that on the first night, you will have to open up all those boxes to find your pajamas, toiletries, pillows, bed linens, coffee or tea bags etc. As you pack for your move, set aside a box for these essentials so that on the first night after having an exhausting day and you just want to jump into bed, you don’t have to comb through every box to find the necessary items. Pack some food items too if you don’t want to eat out.