Any space, whether it be small or massive can be kept organized and used efficiently. It is not a matter of size that affects the level of efficiency it provides but rather the way in which everything is organized. Follow these ways to make your space look and feel more efficient:

First thing’s first: get the clutter out. Yes, that’s right, get all the clutter out. Not just the ones you wish to throw away but get everything out there in the open so that you can get a better idea of the space that you need to work with. Then carefully begin to choose the items that you wish to keep and put them aside. Get rid of everything else.

Once you have a clear picture of what the space is, begin the cleaning process. Trust me, the cleaner the space is the larger it appears. Clean all the nooks and crannies, make those surfaces and floors shine. Vacuum the carpets, dust the furniture and wash away all the dirt. After all the cleaning is done, the best thing to do is hire hdb painting services and get a real nice paint job done. Choose light colors as they make small spaces look larger, preferably white but any other light color would do.

After the area has got a good paint wash, bring in the furniture. Make sure to place them at the corners towards the walls rather than around the space as this leaves more open area and creates the illusion of a larger area. Buy a few drawer sets and make sure to put all the little items in them. Avoid leaving items lying around; organize the drawers and mark them with the names of the items they hold to make it easier to access.

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Get soft lighting to the house that creates a soothing effect. Avoid dark colors for lighting as they create the sense of a small space.

Organize all the cupboards according to a way convenient to you, that way you will know exactly where something is saving you the time spent rummaging through all the cupboards to find anything. Avoid cluttering with too many things, try the minimalistic effect where only a few items are used to bring out the most elegant look. This concept not only makes the space looks larger, it also makes cleaning much easier.

Following these basic steps, any space can be transformed into an efficient home. The most important thing to remember when maintaining an efficient home is to keep it clean and tidy!