United Arab Emirates is definitely a favorite destination among tourists. The luxurious experience they offer is absolutely remarkable. With the infamous skylines, beach resorts, hotels, shopping centers and all, UAE is the perfect place for a great holiday. Since it is a vast country you will have so much to see, experience and enjoy. Here are some places that you must not miss as they are the top most attractive locations.

Burj Khalifa

This is one of the well renowned buildings in Dubai. The height of this specific building is one thing that makes this landmark so special. It boasts many titles such as the world’s tallest building, world’s tallest freestanding structure, world’s highest observation deck and the longest elevator travel distance in the world. That’s not it. The experience will consist of some great sights across Dubai. So, make sure you book your luxury five star hotel uae cause the experience is just starting.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

This particular mosque located in Abu Dhabi consists of remarkable beauty. The blend of modern and ancient styles is highlighted in this mosque. The contemporary design along with the ancient craftsmanship has paved way for some unique and beautiful styles and techniques. It is definitely a lavish sight. The hard work, dedication and effort put into this mosque is evident through the perfect use of great and luxurious materials.

Sharjah Arts Museum

One very important museum in UAE that has been dedicated to arts. This particular museum consists of a great art collection. It comprises pieces of both Arabic artists as well as sone Europeans artists.


This part of Dubai is the only remaining piece of Old Dubai. The past of this great city is evidently seen through this specific location. You can see the obvious contrast with the past and the present through a visit to Bastakia. The typical Arabian architecture is highlighted. You can enter some houses and get a glimpse of the ancient Arabian interior designs.


This is something that almost every tourist longs for. The adventurous experience you get to enjoy through a trip to the desert is something you do not want to miss. There are many cities that gives you the opportunity to enjoy this particular experience. So, mad sure you take your chance.

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UAE is also famous for its beaches. There is a huge choice that you can select from. So, take some time to enjoy the beautiful white sands and the sparkling ocean.

United Arab Emirates is a favorite country among the tourists if the globe. So, make sure you visit this country and enjoy the best of the best.